All BV`s have their own specialist field and together form the REPA Group Ltd. This multitude of know-how is not found anywhere else!


REPA Transportbanden

Especially delivers to end users and the OEM market

Delivery programme: Plastic and rubber conveyor belts.

Rollers, drums, trough idlers, guiding rollers, belt scrapers, sealing rubbers, wear and tear rubbers, impact bars, drum covers

REPA Conveyor Equipment

Especially delivers to the OEM market and to distributors

Delivery programme: transport rollers, guiding rollers, driven rollers, either with or without galvanised rubber (PU or ceramic also possible), trough idlers, belt covers, constructions, bearings etc…



BeltQuip is specialised in an endless range of manufacturing equipment for the Rubber and PVC / PU-conveyor belt industry. Options such as Turnkey designs and the installation of equipment in your workplace are also possible.

Especially delivers to distributors in the conveyor belt branch

Delivery programme: storage racks (free-standing, adjustable to various heights and widths)

Cutting machines, separators, stamping machines, high frequency presses, PVC / PU-vulcanising presses, rubber vulcanising presses, seal machines, hand tools etc.

REPA Supplies

Especially delivers to distributors/vulcanisers/traders

Delivery programme: Rubber conveyor belts, Plastic conveyor belts

Rubber cleats and sidewalls, glues, wear and tear rubbers, sealing rubbers, drum covers (rubber and ceramic), impact bars, PU-plates, rollers etc….